Datacolor treats its customers like Apple dropping support for older products

Apple is known to drop support for previous products at any moment they like. But this company is not alone. Datacolor just stopped providing software updates for Spyder2 colorimeters after they released the next generation of their products.

For Spyder2 devices:
As we promised earlier you can now download the software from Spyder3Express to use your Spyder2 sensor with your Lion OS X. Please click the below link to download the appropriate software. Spyder3Express supports a single monitor calibration with target of Gamma 2.2 and 6.500 K white point.
Please understand that your Spyder2 sensor is not compatible with Spyder3Pro and Spyder3Elite software because if it’s missing ambient light sensor. Please also note that Spyder2 sensors are physically not able to read LED backlight color because of its different spectrum of light. If you need to calibrate a monitor display with LED backlight technology please upgrade to the current 3rd generation of Spyder products.

Source: OSX Lion Support for Spyder products

But why? I still have a 6 years old Cinema HD 23″ monitor – the same that I successfully calibrated many times with Spyder2Pro wich I also purchased simultaneously with the monitor. Nothing changed since then, only the operating system is now different. Why not to make Spyder2 drivers for Mac OS 10.6-10.8 like many other companies did for their products? I don’t see any technical reasons here but purely commercial interest – to push sales of new devices. (BTW, my Spyder2Pro does have an ambient light sensor.)

Something ingenious doesn’t need to be complicated

Something ingenious doesn't need to be complicated

Here is a solution for the well-known problem with laptop screens that can drive mad everyone who requires confidence in colour presentation – for instance, a photographer processing images on a mobile computer.

I don’t like the realization though: A piece of velcro has to be sticked to the laptop housing from outside (ugly and inconvenient – particularly on small laptops), this little gauge thing can be lost very easy… I’d wished the laptops to have such a viewing angle indicator built in.