Loosing a Carl Zeiss lens cap may be expensive

Guten Tag Hr. Tiutenko,

ein org. Zeiss Deckel würde 22,– Euro kosten. Alternativ haben wir einen Objektivdeckel ohne Beschriftung für 5,90 Euro.

Good afternoon Mr. Tiutenko,

an original Zeiss lens cap would cost 22.– euros. Alternatively, we have a lens cap without label – for 5.90 euros.
— a German Carl Zeiss dealer

A plastic lens cap with “Carl Zeiss” label on it costs almost 4 times more than a blank one. If you have a Zeiss lens with an original cap, be careful not to lose it! I have lost one a couple of months ago and had to get a replacement. Above you see a reply from a Carl Zeiss dealer.