Is the northern nature more inspiring for the artists?

Having observed publications in various media – both digital and print – over a couple of years, I noticed that the photographs of northern nature and wildlife are artistically more pretentious than the photographs of tropical nature. I mean with this not the work of one particular photographer and not of a particular photography genre but the general tendency – to make well-considered and well-planned images of European and North American than of exotic fauna,  flora and landscapes. The images that were shot in Africa and South America by Europeans and Americans are usually more documentary than artistic. Of course, exceptions can be found but I am meaning here just a general tendency that I am observing. Please tell me if I am mistaken. If you agree with me, what do you think is the cause of such tendency?

A “micro” landscape

Sometimes you can find a nice looking landscape where you wouldn’t expect it to be – for example, in a suburb area of a large city, or – like on this picture – in a very busy recreation place near a large town. Then it is thorough composing that does wonders.

(On this photograph you see a shot of the place called “Bitterbach-Schlucht” (Bittebach Gorge) near the town of Lauf, Bavaria, Germany.)


My photograph of a jumping mantled colobus published in a magazine



Another my photograph is published. This time it was an image of a Mantled, a.k.a. Black-and-White, Colobus Monkey (Colobus guereza) from Harenna Forest, Ethiopia. It appeared in this month’s issue of NaturFoto – a German nature photography magazine. Below is this photograph at my website:

Photograph at